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Our 3 North American manufacturers, 3M, Avery Dennison and Orafol, offer (under certain conditions) to customize your DOT tapes. Many options are available to you!
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produit personnalisé

Combining your logo, your name, your website and/or your telephone is a huge marketing punch and Securitrim will ensure it meets legal requirements on conspicuity tape since size and color limitations apply. Highlighting your image ensures that you expose your corporate identity day and night on the most visible reflective product available.

A product customized to your image

Integrating marketing on a product prescribed by law, is a very wise choice.

Our three North American manufacturers, 3M, Avery Dennison and Orafol have different minimum quantities for personalized DOT Conspicuity tape. Several options are available. Most customers want to personalize their red/white Conspicuity tape, but it is also possible to personalize solid red, yellow and white conspicuity tape. Securitrim even offers to combine two different logos on the same roll. Let us guide you through these options.


Securitrim’s goal is to make you one of our many REPEAT CLIENTS. Our customer service team is dedicated to ensuring that EVERY CLIENT will have the best product adapted to their specific requirements coupled with the best configuration of their logo, enhancing their image to the maximum.

Before you get your personalized product

We will provide you with a graphic layout of your finalized logo to ensure your COMPLETE satisfaction BEFORE you commit to an order. In some cases, a physical prototype can be sent to you.

Do not hesitate to communicate with our team. We are always available to coach you through every step.

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